Periodontal Therapy in Leesburg, VA

Nearly 75% of the American population suffers from some level of periodontal disease, and what’s worse is that a large portion of those patients don’t even realize it. Gingivitis (the first stage of periodontal disease) in teenagers is becoming more and more common as well. While this common condition may not seem too dangerous at first, it can quickly progress, leading to severe damage like tooth loss and jawbone deterioration. Here in Leesburg, VA, our dental team is determined to educate and treat patients in a personal and individualized manner. With patient education, comprehensive examinations, periodontal maintenance, revitalizing therapy, and much more available, patients of all ages and their loved ones can find the help they need at Mayo Family Dentistry.

Common signs of periodontal disease that patients can look for include:

Treatment Options

If you’re still in the early stages of periodontal disease, more frequent maintenance appointments with our Loudoun County team may be enough to effectively manage your condition.  Moderate to severe cases of periodontal disease may require scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) to aggressively clean the root surfaces below the gum tissue.  In extreme cases of periodontal disease patients may require surgery.  In these cases, Dr. Stephen Mayo, Dr. Gregory Mayo, and Dr. Ryan Mayo can offer a personalized schedule of periodontal maintenance, as well as coordination with a specialist so that we can be sure to preserve the health of your teeth and gums as thoroughly as possible. This could involve antibiotic treatment, scaling and root planing, bite therapy, or even gum surgery. Our team will always explain the available options and help you decide what works best for you.