Oral Cancer Screenings in Leesburg, VA

Did you know that half of patients with oral cancer won’t survive five years past their initial diagnosis? While patients are often more concerned with cavities, the threat of oral cancer is still very real, and our team at Mayo Family Dentistry takes it seriously. That’s why we strongly recommend that adults undergo at least two exams each year as part of their regular check-up. This will help Dr. Stephen Mayo, Dr. Ryan Mayo or Dr. Gregory Mayo locate any potentially potential problems at their earliest stages and help you take the next steps towards successful treatment.

Common symptoms of oral cancer that patients can look for at home include:

Common risk factors for oral cancer include:

In nearly 25% of diagnosed cases, the patient in question didn’t participate in any risk factors. That’s why it’s so crucial to attend regular screenings as an adult with our Leesburg, VA dental team. During your screening, one of our doctors will carefully search your soft tissue for changes or signs that could indicate the presence of cancerous cells. If the evidence we find is suspicious, a biopsy may be indicated and can be performed to determine whether or not there’s cause for concern. Oral cancer has a high rate of successful treatment as long as it’s caught early enough, which is why you should contact Mayo Family Dentistry if you are experiencing any of the potential symptoms.