Our Leesburg, VA Dental Implant Services

Dental implants are the top reconstructive option today for rebuilding missing teeth, and it isn’t hard to understand why. By replicating both the root and the crown of the tooth in a virtually seamless fashion, implants provide patients with several valuable benefits, including improved oral health, enhanced aesthetic appearance, and long lasting strength and durability. Here at Mayo Family Dentistry, Dr. Stephen Mayo, Dr. Ryan Mayo, and Dr. Gregory Mayo are proud to offer this exceptional service to their patients, and best of all, we can personally handle the entire process from start to finish right here in our Leesburg office.

The Implant Process

Once we’ve determined that you’re a good candidate for dental implants, the first step towards rebuilding your smile is the surgical placement. While many general dentists have to refer their patients out to specialists to handle this portion of their care, Dr. Gregory Mayo has undergone the education and training needed to effectively carry out the surgery right here in Leesburg, VA for your convenience and comfort. Once your implants are placed, a period of healing will be necessary so that they can gradually attach to your natural tissue, forming a strong foundation for your new, custom-made restorations.

Restoration Options

In cases of individual implants, we create high-quality, ceramic crowns that securely fit on top of the implants, completing the process and giving you a beautifully replenished tooth that blends in well. If your tooth loss is much more significant, implant-retained prosthetics might be the better option. These restorations resemble dentures or bridges, but they’re designed to snap into place over a small number of strategically placed implants, giving them a much more stable and strong fit overall. Both fixed and removable options are available for these prosthetics, depending on your oral condition and preference.

Whether you’re in need of a replacement for a single tooth or a full-mouth reconstruction is needed, dental implants can give you back the strong, beautiful smile you deserve. Our dedicated team at Mayo Family Dentistry can’t wait to help. Contact our Leesburg office today to schedule a consultation!