Your Emergency Dentist in Leesburg

At Mayo Family Dentistry, our team is always here for you and your loved ones. If someone in your family is experiencing severe dental pain or injury, please contact our Loudoun County office as soon as possible. In virtually all cases, we’re able to offer same-day appointments so that you can receive the relief you need right away. Two of our doctors live in Leesburg and strive to meet any patient that is experiencing a true dental emergency at any time that is reasonable. In the meantime, our dedicated staff members can provide you with valuable guidance on how to best manage your dental emergency until you can reach our location.

So what constitutes a dental emergency? We trust your judgment in these cases, but if you’re still unsure, here are some of the most common situations that our team would consider urgent:

If you’re experiencing severe oral bleeding or a jaw that feel possibly broken, please go straight to the nearest emergency room for the medical attention you need. Afterwards, let our team know if you have any restorative needs that may have occurred during the accident or injury (cracked teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, etc). We’re here to help!

Are you in need of assistance? Contact our Leesburg, VA office right away to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Stephen Mayo, Dr. Ryan Mayo, or Dr. Gregory Mayo. We also serve the nearby areas of Lansdowne, South Riding, Ashburn, Hamilton, Purcellville, and beyond.